Water Towns

Sonnie on Bridge

Kendra on a bridge at Xi Tang

Canal at Xi Tang

During the last month, my friend, Sonnie, and I had some fun while our husbands were working. We visited two water towns near Suzhou, China: Zhou Zhuang and Xi Tang. The water towns in China are towns that sprang up around China’s extensive canal system. Each one claims to be the Venice of China. Each is picturesque in its own way, with quaint shops, beautiful old residences, museums, bridges, and boats. We took a boat ride in Zhou Zhuang. The boat drivers traditionally sing Suzhou folk songs. We asked our boat driver to sing to us and she sang a charming song about Zhou Zhuang. We didn’t understand a word!

The day we went, it was blazing hot and humid. The sky was blue, though, so the pictures turned out better!
The Cormorants are birds that fish for their masters. The fisherman gets the fish they catch.

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